What is a chakra? 

The word 'chakra' is Sanskrit and literally means  'wheel' or 'disk'. In yoga and  meditation this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main chakras, which start at the base of the spine, running through to the crown of the head. 


Imagine a swirling wheel of energy in your body where matter and consciousness meet. This invisible energy is known as Prana, and is the vital life force which keeps us vibrant and alive.


 In my beautifully illustrated self-help book, you will  find information on each chakra:

corresponding colors




simple healing techniques


Are my chakras out of balance? 

If you are feeling any of the following your chakras may be out of balance: 

  • Base (root):  An strong sense of anxiety, feeling unsafe and insecure in your world 

  • Sacral:  Addictive cravings, the inability to feel, or not wanting to feel your emotions

  • Solar-plexus:  Issues with authority,  power and  control, or feeling out of control 

  • Heart:  Difficulty trusting others because you have past hurts, not wanting to open to love or connection 

  • Throat:  Unable to speak up for yourself, or holding back from expressing yourself 

  • Third eye:  Blocking your spiritual gifts, not trusting your intuition

  • Crown:   A feeling that you are disconnected from Universe/God, or that you are not on your spiritual path


After  beginning on  a healing journey many years ago due to post natal depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, I discovered the chakras and how to heal them. 


More recently I experienced severe trauma,  resulting in anxiety and adrenal fatigue. Recalling the amazing results from my early experiences, I revisited the power of healing my chakras.

The body is in constant communication with you  but you may not given the necessary information to translate its subtle and sometimes not so subtle messages. By tuning into the chakras you can hear and understand those messages and then start the process of healing. 


 Based on my own personal experience, when we do not listen and act information that the body is trying communicating to us — its messages will get louder, resulting in debilitating physical and emotional symptoms. The body will continue communicating until we listen, one way or another. 


By you becoming aware of your chakras and their signs of an imbalance, you can try out a range of  methods of self-help without the need to turn to food, alcohol, medication, and more conventional ways of tackling emotional and physical problems. 


I specialise in chakra healing and chakra balancing. 


I am here to help. 


This free e-book is my gift to you. 


What will I learn?

  • What each of he chakras are

  • Where they are located in the body

  • What emotions are held in the chakras

  • How these emotions show up in your life


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